The Lumino: A kid focused timer

Consider for a moment how absolutely critical your understanding of time is. Time governs when you wake up and go to sleep, when you go to work or school, and countless other daily processes and routines that have been hardwired into you by repetition. Without this clear understanding of time, life would likely become quite a bit more stressful and disorganized. For many individuals around the world, processing the passage of time is a tall task. For young children and many individuals with disabilities that have not yet developed the ability to read letters and numbers, the numerals on digital and analogue clocks make it extremely difficult to anticipate transitions and time constraints. We noticed this adding anxiety to the lives of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in our classrooms, and after countless hours of development, we have a solution that will lead to huge benefits including stress free transitions, effectively communicated expectations, and successful behavior management strategies. The Lumino will improve the lives of parents, teachers, and most importantly, the learners that rely on its unique way of clearly and calmly communicating the passage of time.

Lumino at a glance.png

The Lumino is our first classroom tool, a timer designed to display the passage of time through visual and haptic(vibration) feedback. Similar in size and shape to a hockey puck, it was developed for learners that have difficulty understanding the abstract concepts behind clocks and timers. It works like a normal timer; you give it an amount of time, and it will count down and alert you when the time is up. However, the Lumino displays time through a bright RGB ring and micro vibration motors. The lights around the edge tick down incrementally, and change in color gradually from green to red. A small buzz informs you that you are halfway through your time, and after a little while, a bright animation and gentle buzzes alert you that your time is up.

We found that when used in our classroom, it led to much smoother transitions for students of all ages. The Lumino gives a much clearer sense of the time expectation a teacher has set, leading to students transitioning from activity to activity with far greater success. We have used it extensively in classrooms of students with disabilities, but also feel that it could be beneficial in any classroom, regardless of ability.

After only a few short uses with students, the benefits are visible immediately: transitions are exponentially easier. The learners can anticipate the end of the allotted time much more concretely than they can by looking at digital numbers on a clock, or by just waiting for a loud beep. The Lumino ditches the shrill beeping noise of traditional timers and uses only a gentle buzz and bright animation to display that the time has expired, immediately prompting students to begin moving on to the next activity.

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