About Us

Parker Duwelius

I am currently a university student studying the field of Special Education. I am pursuing a teaching degree, and through many clinical experiences in schools as well as several years employed at various educational institutions, I noticed that there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of technology adoption in classrooms. Technology has been a lifelong interest and hobby, and over the years I have learned enough to turn some of my ideas into products that can genuinely help in the classroom. In starting Abilio Learning Tools, my goal is to help classrooms become the safe, happy, and efficient learning environments that they are expected to be. 

Keaton Duwelius

I am also a college student, and working in the field of special education, with a small background in computer science and electronics. As a student, and as someone who works in a classroom, I share a vision for new and improved ways to learn. Iā€™m excited to bring my electronics hobby, knowledge of 3D printing, and computer aided design technologies together with my brother, with the goal of improving classroom electronics.