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Who are we?

Based in Naperville, Illinois, Abilio Learning Tools aims to provide a breath of fresh air into the classroom. As schools begin to adopt modern technologies, it is our mission to provide tools and resources that can keep teachers on top of a rapidly changing classroom environment. As a result of thorough testing in the classroom and special consideration for the needs of diverse learners, Abilio will provide high quality resources to schools and educational settings across the country. 


Why us?

We have years of experience working in the field: in classrooms, on playgrounds, at day-care facilities, and recreational activities, among many other environments where learning takes place. This experience has uncovered a severe need for new classroom methods and technologies to support a new generation of learners that are growing up in an increasingly technology-driven world. We are the ideal people for the job because our unique blend of backgrounds in education and technology has given us the ability to not only identify significant areas of need in the classroom, but to create functional solutions to them.


"The Lumino helped me communicate expectations"

— Laura K


Interested in our vision?


Check out our Kickstarter campaign and consider donating a Lumino to your local school! Want one for yourself? We definitely understand that, and there’s an option for that on Kickstarter as well! Thank you for helping us to improve classrooms everywhere.