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Do you use a timer in your classroom?

Many teachers around the world use timers to help with their classroom management. In theory, they help to provide structure to the classroom. However, these timers:

  • Do not communicate time elapsed or time remaining

  • Use loud alarms that disrupt the learning environment

These timers don’t communicate effectively with kids, because once they are set, they disappear from focus until the moment the shrill alarm noise pierces the calm of the classroom. We noticed this during harsh transitions in our special education classrooms.


A timer for everyone.

We developed the *Lumino Visual Timer with the classroom in mind. It communicates the passage of time through a light ring that recedes in a clockwise direction, while also gradually changing from green to red. Then, when time is up, a gentle red animation and the words ALL DONE are displayed to inform your learner that it is time to move to the next activity. No more loud noises, frustrated learners, or difficult transitions. It is sensory friendly and due to the unique way it displays time elapsed and time remaining, it effectively communicates time expectations to all learners, including young children and many individuals with disabilities.

*Patent Pending


Who needs a Lumino?

  • Teachers (especially Special Education)

  • Parents

  • Tutors

  • Babysitters

  • Librarians

  • Grandparents

  • Anyone who works with kids!